Serving the Children of the World™
Sujan K Shrestha ASPAC Chair


Sujan Kumar Shrestha

Dear Kiwanis Leaders,

As the ASPAC Chair, I embark on this journey with profound gratitude for your trust and confidence. It is an honor to stand among individuals who embody the true spirit of leadership through actions that propel meaningful change.

Our cultural diversity forms a rich tapestry, as varied as the majestic Himalayan peaks, as vast as the Asian continent, and as tranquil as the Pacific Ocean. This extraordinary range of cultures serves as a source of strength, forging our unity in pursuit of the global mission of the Kiwanis family.

As Kiwanis leaders, our duty extends beyond the present; it calls upon us to shape a future marked by sustainability and resilience. The Green Generation campaign, a cornerstone of our collective efforts, offers an opportunity to ensure that our legacy reverberates across generations. By engaging with the young minds of today, we sow the seeds of responsibility and nurture a profound connection to the world they will inherit.

Embracing innovation empowers us to magnify the impact of our initiatives, fostering a deeper understanding of our mission and inspiring unprecedented action. Through the seamless integration of technology, we forge pathways to widespread awareness, education, and collaboration, magnifying the reach of our mission.

The time for action is now! Stand with us as we navigate on this transformative journey towards a sustainable future—a future that our children deserve, a future where the Green Generation thrives.

Yours in Kiwanis service,

Sujan Shrestha
ASPAC Chair 2023-2024
Kiwanis International