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Past Conventions

Convention Date: 16 – 18 March, 2023

48th Annual Convention of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific(ASPAC), Malaysia, 2023

Kiwanis Malaysia District is proud to be hosting the 2023 ASPAC Convention at the Lexis Hibiscus Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia from 16-18 March 2023. We look forward to welcoming the delegates from the Asia-Pacific and International Kiwanis Clubs to Malaysia, after a 2-year wait for face to face meetings and networking.

Convention Date: 1 – 2 April, 2022

47th Annual Convention of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific(ASPAC), a.k.a. “2022 ASPAC eConvention”

Greetings all. During the ASPAC EXECUTIVE BOARD meeting held on 18 December 2021, it was moved, seconded and agreed that: “ the 47th ASPAC Convention be a hybrid convention – this meaning that members of the Philippines Districts may attend the in-person Convention in Manila with the registration fee of US$200.00, and all other Kiwanians attend […]

Convention Date: 28 – 29 May, 2021

46th Annual Convention of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific(ASPAC), a.k.a. “2021 ASPAC eConvention”

Dear Kiwanis Leaders,Greetings ! and a very warm welcome to the 46th Annual Convention of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific(ASPAC), a.k.a. “2021 ASPAC eConvention”. We are pleased to inform you of the following important information: Official Program Convention in Youtube

Convention Date: 5 – 7 March, 2020

45th ASPAC Convention, 2020 – Kathmandu, Nepal

The 45th Asia-Pacific convention held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal commenced on Thursday 5th March, 2020 with the Executive Board Meeting. Official Convention Program

Convention Date: 7 – 9 March, 2019

44th ASPAC Convention, 2019 – Taipei International Convention Centre, Taiwan

Peter Zander, Chair of Kiwanis Asia Pacific, the Governors of the Kiwanis Asia Pacific together with Hsu Chang-Ching, Chair of the Organising committee from the District of Taiwan invite all ASPAC Kiwanians. To the 2019 Asia Pacific Convention To be held at the Taipei International Convention Centre Thursday March 7th to Saturday March 9th, 2019. Read […]

Convention Date: 8 – 10 March, 2018

43rd Kiwanis Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) Convention 2018 at Malaysia

Kiwanis Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) 43rd Convention 2018Kuala Lumpur; March 08-10, 2018One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. ( Registration: www.ASPAC2018.comOfficial Convention Program Promotional Video

Convention Date: 9th March, 2017

42nd Kiwanis ASPAC Convention commenced in Jeju, Korea 2017

The 42nd Kiwanis ASPAC Convention commenced in Jeju, Korea 2017 on Thursday 9th March. The ASPAC Board met in session at 9:00 to consider the business and review the achievements of Clubs and Nations within the ASPAC area. Watch the Promotional Video Registration for the 2017 ASPAC Convention in Jeju City, Korea is now open. To register, click on […]

Convention Date: 10 -13 March, 2016

41st Kiwanis ASPAC convention commenced in Taichung, Taiwan, 2016

The 41st Kiwanis ASPAC convention commenced today 10th March, 2016 in Taichung, Taiwan The ASPAC board met in session to discuss the business of the region.  International President Susan Petrisin, President Elect Jane Erickson and Executive Director Stan Soderstrom represented the Kiwanis International Board. Overseas Delegates were treated to tour including a visit to the main Taiwan Kiwanis […]

Convention Date: 5 – 7 March, 2015

40th Kiwanis ASPAC convention commenced at Pampanga, Philippines, 2015

The 40th Kiwanis ASPAC convention commenced today 5th March, 2015 at Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines. The ASPAC board met in session to discuss the business of the region. International President Dr John Button, President Elect Susan Petrisin and Executive Director Stan Soderstrom represented the KiwanisInternational Board. A vibrant opening ceremony performed by children of all […]

Convention Date: 17 – 20 July, 2014

39th ASPAC Convention held in Chiba Japan, 2014

The 2014 ASPAC Convention will be held in conjunction with the International Convention in Chiba Japan from the 17th – 20th July, 2014. Please keep informed by visiting the international site for continuous updates.

Convention Date: 7 – 9 March, 2013

The 38th ASPAC Convention held in Hiroshima, Japan

The 38th ASPAC Convention will be held in Hiroshima, Japan 7-9th March, 2013. This page will be updated as further information becomes available. Plan now to attend! Watch the Promotional Video You can find access information to Hiroshima, registration forms, information on hotel accommodations and excursions, etc.  Please visit the site, and register today!  Also, please […]

Convention Date: 15 – 17 March, 2012

The 37th ASPAC Convention has convened in Colombo Sri Lanka

The 37th ASPAC Convention has convened in Colombo Sri Lanka.  Listen to the Convention theme song. “One Child at a Time“ WednesdayA Growth Summit for members of the ASPAC Nations started the construction of a “Road Map” to:  – Build Development Teams – Grow existing clubs – Open new clubs thereby growing the Nations to a point […]

Convention Date: 10 – 12 March, 2011

The 36th Asia‐Pacific Convention was successfully in Malaysia

The ASPAC Convention in Melacca was a great success.  Read the report!View the images from the Convention in Melacca

Past Convention List (1st – 48th)

S/o Year Country City Dates ASPAC Chairman Organizing Chairman KI President Year
1st 1975 Hong Kong² Hong Kong 28 – 30 Aug Nobutaka Shikanai Roy W. Davis 1974-1975
2nd 1976 Singapore Singapore 2 – 4 Sept Ted R. Osborn 1975-1976
3rd 1977 Philippines Manila 7 – 10  Sept Stanley E. “Stan” Schneider 1976-1977
4th 1978 Guam Agana 19 – 22 July Maurice Gladman 1977-1978
5th 1979 Republic of China Taichung 23-26 July Che-Huei Chu Hilmar L. Solberg 1978-1979
6th 1980 Thailand Bangkok 3 – 6 April Phaiboon N Mark A. Smith Jr. 1979-1980
7th 1981 Japan Tokyo 5-8 April Hiroo Mizushima. Merald T. Enstad 1980-1981
8th 1982 Malaysia Genting Highland 18 -20 April Michael Wong Sek Peng E.B. “Mac” McKitrick 1981-1982
9th 1983 Philippines Cebu 8 -10 April Hernando Streegan John T. “Johnny” Roberts 1982-1983
10th 1984 Korea Seoul 30 Mar – 1 Apr Dr. Choi Aubrey E. Irby 1983-1984
11th 1985 Australia Sydney (Manly) 26 – 28 April Ian Perdiau, AM Raymond W. “Ray” Lansford 1984-1985
12th 1986 Republic of China Taipei, Taiwan 12 – 14 April Ming-Wei Chang Donald E. “Don” Williams 1985-1986
13th 1987 Philippines Manila 3 – 5 April Frank J. DiNoto 1986-1987
1988 Sri Lanka⁴ N/A N/A Joe Karunaratni Anton J. “Tony” Kaiser 1987-1988
14th 1989 Guam⁵ Tumon 13 – 15 March Angel Saban Gene R. Overholt 1988-1989
15th 1990 New Zealand Wellington 5 – 7 April Graeme Ballantyne Noris A. Lusche 1989-1990
16th 1991 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 10 – 12 April Tony Leow Sun Hock Ng Kee Seng Wil Blechman, MD 1990-1991
17th 1992 Republic of China Taipei, Taiwan 10 – 12 April Tse-Dong Ke John D. Morton Sr. 1991-1992
18th 1993 Korea Seoul 8 – 10 April Dr. Kim William L. “Bill” Lieber 1992-1993
19th 1994 Australia Melbourne 15 -17 April Arthur D. “Art” Swanberg 1993-1994
20th 1995 Japan Osaka 20 – 22 April Takahiko Kido Nobunori Shigezaki Ian Perdiau, AM 1994-1995
21st 1996 Philippines Manila 18 -20 April Mario D Sison Ed Fabian Eyjólfur “Eddie” Sigurðsson 1995-1996
22nd 1997 New Caledonia Noumea 17 – 19 April David Henderson Michel Fongue Gerald P. “Jerry” Christiano 1996-1997
23rd 1998 Malaysia⁶ Kuala Lumpur 26 – 28 March Chooi Tat Wai Eugene Leow Walter G. Sellers 1997-1998
24th 1999 Republic of China Taipei, Taiwan 19 -21 March Willy Chang Rong-Lang Lai Glen M. Bagnell, C.M 1998-1999
25th 2000 Philippines Davao 23 -25 March Rex Keys Eladio “Lads” Aviola L. Nettles Brown 1999-2000
26th 2001 Indonesia Bali 8 – 10 March Rex Keys⁷ & Graham Mould Eddy Sutisno Bo Shafer 2000-2001
27th 2002 French Polynesia Tahiti 14 – 16 March Romy Mariano Tan Adrien Lombard Brian G. Cunat 2001-2002
28th 2003 Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 20 – 22 March Michel Fongue Ong Hock Lai Juan F. “Ito” Torres Jr., MD 2002-2003
29th 2004 Japan Nagoya 11 – 13 March Peter Kimberley Shigeru SAITO Robert L. “Bob” Moore 2003-2004
30th 2005 Australia Melbourne⁸ 10 – 12 March Eduard “Ed” Sedillo Bruce Entwisle Case Van Kleef 2004-2005
31st 2006 Republic of China Kaohsiung 10 – 12 March Hak Sun Um Chin-Chiang “Chris” WU Stephen K. Siemens 2005-2006
32nd 2007 Philippines Manila 8 – 10 March Tien-Lai “David” LIN Wilfredo “Boy”Valencia Nelson Tucker 2006-2007
33rd 2008 Indonesia Jakarta 27- 29 March Stewart LaBrooy Teguh Budiono Dave Curry 2007-2008
34th 2009 Philippines Cebu 12 – 14 March Jesus “Jess” M. Navarro Miguel “Mike” del Gallego Don Canaday 2008-2009
35th 2010 Republic of China Taipei 12  – 14 March Ernesto Marcoso Hsu-Kun “Tony” HUANG Paul Palazzolo 2009-2010
36th 2011 Malaysia Malacca 10 – 12 March Bette Eavestaff Fred Lah Sylvester Neal 2010-2011
37th 2012 Sri Lanka Colombo 15 – 17  March Adeline Chan Trevor Rajaratnam Alan Penn 2011-2012
38th 2013 Japan Hiroshima 7  – 9 March Wilfredo “Boy” Valencia Toru Jinde Thomas Dejulio 2012-2013
39th 2014 Japan Chiba 17 – 20 July Tadoa ODA Tadao ODA Gunter Gasser 2013-2014
40th 2015 Philippines Pampanga 5 – 7  March Jose Ramon “Ike” Altavas Toto P. Gonzales John R Button 2014-2015
41st 2016 Republic of China Taichung 10 -13 March Chin-Hsiang LU Wu-Tien HUANG Susan A. Petrisin 2015-2016
42nd 2017 Korea Jeju 9th March Kuan Yong Lee Jane M. Erickson 2016-2017
43rd 2018 Malaysia Petaling Jaya 8 – 10 March Trinidad Pamintuan Gonzales Michael Chiew James M. Rochford 2017-2018
44th 2019 Taiwan Taipei 7 – 9 March Peter E Zander Hsu Chang-Ching Florencio “Poly” Lat 2018-2019
45th 2020 Nepal Kathmandu 5 – 7 March Chang-Chien Lo Mohan Lamsal Daniel Vigneron 2019-2020
46th 2021 Philippines eConvention 28 – 29 May Kenneth A Alovera Lee Kuan Yong Arthur N. Riley 2020-2021
47th 2022 Philippines Manila / eConvention 1 – 2 April Clinton C Green Raymond Gerad Yap Peter J. Mancuso 2021-2022
48th 2023 Malaysia Port Dickson 16-18 March Maribel B Garcia Serena Queck Bert West 2022-2023

Credit to Michael S. P. Wong