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The 38th ASPAC Convention held in Hiroshima, Japan

The 38th ASPAC Convention will be held in Hiroshima, Japan 7-9th March, 2013.

This page will be updated as further information becomes available.

Plan now to attend!

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You can find access information to Hiroshima, registration forms, information on hotel accommodations and excursions, etc. 

Please visit the site, and register today! 

Also, please be advised that 2013 ASPAC Education Conference will take place on March 6, 2013 at Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima, the convention venue. 

Participation to the Education conference is by invitation only. 

In due course, the invitation letters will be sent to those ASPAC Kiwanians who are to form the 2013-14 team in the ASPAC region. These invitees will have to be in Hiroshima earlier than the Convention. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in Hiroshima! 

Best regards, 
Toru Jinde 
Organizing Committee Chair 
2013 ASPAC Hiroshima Convention