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Happy 60th Charter Anniversary, Kiwanis Club of Tokyo! The Kiwanis Club of Tokyo stands tall as the first chartered club in the Kiwanis Asia-Pacific region, a beacon of compassion and commitment in the Kiwanis Japan District.

Happy 60th Charter Anniversary, Kiwanis Club of Tokyo!

Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to our Kiwanis family!

Merry Christmas to our Kiwanis family!

Dear Fellow Kiwanians,Namaste!The Kiwanis Branding Academy, a forward-thinking initiative that holds the potential to elevate the Kiwanis brand in the Asia-Pacific region has launched its pilot virtual classes. Developed by our ASPAC Public Relations & Creatives led by ASPAC PR Chair Che Almendras, the academy stands as a strategic cornerstone to empower Kiwanis leaders and […]

Kiwanis Branding Academy: Empowering Growth in ASPAC

By embracing and promoting #JoinKiwanis, we amplify our voice as an organization, highlighting the impact we can collectively make. Let’s use this campaign to spread the Kiwanis spirit far and wide, inspiring new members to join us on this meaningful journey of service, leadership, and compassion.

Promoting #JoinKiwanis

Dear Fellow Kiwanians, On this auspicious occasion of Taiwan’s National Day, I extend my warmest greetings to Taiwan and its people. Today, as Taiwan celebrates 112th National Day, we witness the remarkable display of unity and pride that defines this nation. The sight of military aircraft soaring over the capital and the vibrant street parade, […]

Happy National Day, Taiwan District!

Dear Fellow Kiwanians, Today, as we stand united in celebration of Malaysia’s Hari Merdeka, we are reminded of the profound significance of independence and freedom. Just as “Merdeka” signifies liberation, our commitment to Kiwanis’ mission echoes the empowerment we strive to bring to the lives we touch. In the heart of the Kiwanis Malaysia District, […]

Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia!