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Kiwanis District JAPAN

District name Japan
Date established 1977
Number of members 2,003
Number of clubs 41
Number of divisions 8
Name 3 clubs that were first opened and year it was opened Kiwanis club of Tokyo (1964)
Kiwanis club of Nagoya (1966)
Kiwanis club of Osaka (1967)
Name of Kiwanians and year that served as:
KI President
KI Trustee

KI Trustee: Mitsuaki Sato 2002-2005
KI Trustee: Tadao Oda 2008-2011
KI Trustee: Koshiro “Kit” Kitazato 2014-2018
KI Trustee: Buheita “Fuji” Fujiwara 2020-2023
ASPAC Chair: Tadao Oda 2013-2014
List of District milestones The first Kiwanis Club in Asia-Pacific Region was established in Tokyo in 1964.
Made and donated over 100,000 Kiwanis Dolls to hospitals and nursery schools.
The first sister club agreement between key clubs at an international level (Kobe, Japan and Indiana, U.S.) was concluded in September, 2022.
District website link
District Facebook Page
District Governor and email Shinichi Yoshikuni
[email protected]
District Secretary and email Akihiko Yamada
[email protected]
District office address 7F, Yoneyama Bldg., 2-3-2, Ucikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 Japan
District office email address [email protected]
District office phone number +81-3-5256-4567
District Convention September 7-8, 2023
Kanazawa City

District Governor Profile

Full name Shinichi Yoshikuni
Kiwanis leadership background President of Kiwanis Club of Tokyo (2015-2016), Lt. Governor of Division 1 (2015-2016)
Professional background Bank of Japan, Bank for International Settlements, Mizuho Financial Group, Central Council for Financial Services Information
Favorite leadership quotes “(Analects of ) Confucious in the right hand, Abacus in the left hand, i.e., Samurai (gentleman’s) spirit and merchant’s talent.” by Eiichi Shibusawa