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Dolls for Healing: Kiwanis Club’s Impactful Donation

The Kiwanis Club of Saitama in the Kiwanis Japan District has been making and donating dolls to the regional hospital. During a recent hospital visit to IMS FUJIMI GENERAL HOSPITAL, the club members donated 20 Kiwanis Dolls.

The pediatric nurses and doctors explained the innovative use of Kiwanis Dolls as "preparation dolls." These dolls serve as a valuable tool to help children understand medical procedures, allowing nurses to explain equipment usage and the actions doctors will take during anesthesia. The meticulous attention to detail in creating realistic medical equipment props by the pediatric nurses further enhances the dolls' impact.

During the visit, the doctors and nurses shared insights into the impactful utilization of Kiwanis Dolls within the hospital setting. Their expressions of gratitude were conveyed on behalf of both the children and parents in the hospital, highlighting the profound effectiveness and positive reception of the Kiwanis Dolls project.