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Fostering Etiquette: Kiwanis Tokushima’s ‘Table Manners Course

In a thoughtful initiative aimed at nurturing young minds, the Kiwanis Club of Tokushima in Kiwanis Japan District recently sponsored a project titled "A Course on Table Manners." This enlightening endeavor unfolded at the elegant Tokushima Grandvrio Hotel and catered to children between the ages of 4 and 18.

The event featured Chef Masaaki Hisatomi as resource speaker, imparting valuable insights into the world of table manners and dining etiquette. His expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping the young participants develop essential life skills.The choice of Tokushima Grandvrio Hotel as the venue added a touch of sophistication to the occasion, creating an environment conducive to learning and refinement.

By instilling the principles of good manners and proper dining etiquette in these young minds, the club is contributing to the holistic growth of the future generation, through education and life skills development.

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