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Kiwanis Ogaki: Christmas Gifts of Comfort

The Kiwanis Club of Ogaki in Kiwanis Japan District delivered a heartwarming Christmas gift to Osaka Civic Hospital, a Kiwanis dolls and a set of educational toys. Hospital Director Inada expressed his sincere gratitude for the ongoing support provided each year to children battling illnesses. These Kiwanis Dolls were meticulously handcrafted by Kiwanis Club of Ogaki members, play a significant role in comforting the hearts of children in the hospital.

A touching moment unfolded as one child shared with the doll about its previous wear and tear, highlighting the dolls' meaningful impact. Despite the challenges in the medical field, particularly with widespread infections like influenza, the club's mission is to bring smiles to children's faces through these dolls and toys. This initiative, which began in June 2015, reflects the club members commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those facing health adversities.