Serving the Children of the World™

Postal Stamp Collection for a Cause

The Kiwanis Club of Fukuoka in Japan District actively engages in an altruistic project by collecting used stamps throughout the year from its members, affiliated companies, former members, and their families. This thoughtful initiative isn't just a routine collection; it serves a good purpose.

The stamps are generously donated to "CARE International Japan," where every kilogram is converted into cash. This financial aid is directed towards healthcare, education, and the overall enhancement of the lives of women in Japan, Afghanistan, East Timor, and Ghana.

Ensuring the integrity of the donations, club members meticulously remove torn stamps and exclude red certificate stamps from metered mails, considering them unsuitable for contribution. Further, they diligently categorize foreign stamps from domestic ones and, as a demonstration of their attention to detail, cut out approximately 5mm surrounding each stamp before donation.

Despite the decline in postal mail volume, the club, with the collaboration of affiliated companies, consistently achieves the commendable feat of collecting and donating around 8 to 10 kilograms annually. This initiative stands as a affirmation of the club's commitment to making a meaningful impact through seemingly small yet purposeful acts of generosity.