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“Terakoya” starts with the first calligraphy event

On Friday, January 6th, the first calligraphy event was conducted.  Among 50 children who participated, 43 used brushes and 7 used pencils.  Just like last year, Fujiya Co., Ltd. provided sweets.  We appreciate the support.

The first calligraphy lesson started with “how to hold a brush”, and “the posture when writing”.  Then, proceeded to “how to write your name”, and “how to write the first word.”  Children were attentive to the instructions.

The event was introduced in the “3 Districts’ Joint New Year Meeting of Kiwanis International”.  Children writing letters were broadcasted, and a wife of a member presented writing “Daikichi Dairi(Good Luck!)” on site.

25 staffs organized the event, 6 from the Kiwanis Club of Tokyo, with 2 instructors (a wife of a member and a friend of a member).

After completing calligraphies, children were served “O-zou-ni”, a special New Year's soup containing rice cakes of the new year, and sweets.  It melts our hearts to see children rejoice.

Next “Terakoya” is scheduled on Saturday, January 28th.