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Philippine Luzon

Highlights from the 48th Philippine Luzon District Convention

The 48th Philippine Luzon District Convention, held in the picturesque city of Legaspi, Bicol, proved to be a resounding success with an impressive turnout of 600 registered delegates. The convention kicked off with a touch of local flavor as the City Mayor sponsored the Opening Ceremony, which was also the Mayor's Night.

Distinguished international guests, including ASPAC Chair Belle Garcia, KI Trustee Dan Liekvold, and Lady Tracy Liekvold as well as delegations from the Taiwan District led by District Governor Andy Hsiao, graced the event with their presence. Delegates donned Barong and Modern Filipiniana accentuated by the traditional Putong, a province-native hat accessory.

The House of Delegates addressed the proposed amendments to the district by-laws, which were thoughtfully discussed and subsequently deferred for further consideration. They elected new district leaders for the administrative year 2023-2024. The election results declared the following:

District Governor: Glenda Hufano
District Governor-Elect: Felix Grepo
District Treasurer: Dr. Tess Wang

Furthermore, the convention provided an opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional clubs and members who had dedicated their efforts throughout the year. District Governor Johnny Domino expressed gratitude and commendation for these outstanding Kiwanians and clubs, including a posthumous recognition to Past Kiwanis International President Dr. Juan 'Doc Ito' Torres Jr.

To culminate this memorable soiree, the Governor's Ball took on a "Bridgerton" theme, with delegates arriving in elegant gowns and formal attire. The night was a testament to the Filipino Kiwanians' knack for enjoying a celebration filled with camaraderie and festivity.

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