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Robert Gambell

Robert Gambell

District Governor 2022-2023
Australia District

Robert Gambell was born in Sydney in August 1957, the eldest of three children.

He grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney, after finishing High School embarked on a career in the building trade in which he worked for several years.

In his late twenties, Robert began training for the Christian Ministry in Sydney and London. He gained his undergraduate degree through Moring University and spent many years in the Baptist Ministry in New South Wales. He has also served as a Lay Minister with the Anglican church in Adelaide for ten (10) years.

Robert’s involvement in Kiwanis began in 2008, when he joined the Gawler Club in the northern suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia. In 2010, Robert became the President of the club. The next year, along with Past Australia District Governor William Skully, they organized the Roseworthy-Hewett club in July 2012 with Robert as Charter President.

Robert has served in a number of roles, including four years as Lieutenant Governor. He is now looking forward to leading the District as Governor.