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KIWANIS CONGRESS: Inspiring Growth and Solidarity in Southern Philippine District

The spirit of service and empowerment resonated throughout the Kiwanis Congress that took center stage on May 11-13, 2023 in Iloilo City, Philippines, captivating hearts and minds with its unwavering dedication to creating a better Kiwanis community. Kiwanis dignitaries, district leaders, delegates, and advocates gathered in a harmonious symphony of compassion and commitment. From inspiring keynote speeches to collaborative workshops, this Congress illuminated the path toward meaningful change and profound connections that made this event an unforgettable testament to the power of unity and service.

bert west

Joining us at the event were Kiwanis International President Bert West, KI General Counsel David Kress, KI Trustee Toto Gonzales, Governor Andy Hsiao of Taiwan District, ASPAC Chair Elect Wu 黃武田 Huang, Elected KI Trustee Chang Ching Hsu, Lt.Governor Winn Ln, District Secretary Shan Wen Lai and Vivian Tsai, who witnessed the momentous signing of the Sisterhood Agreement with Kiwanis Southern Philippine District, formerly Philippine South District.

Representatives from the Philippine Luzon District, including KCF Ambassador Efi Tabuena, PDG Uthman Mamadra, PDG Nelson S Tan, and PDG Teng Punay, attended the congress to show their support for our neighboring district. By the way, let's mark our calendars for Kiwanis Philippines' upcoming 60th-anniversary celebration in 2024. It all began in July 1964 with the opening of the first club in Southeast Asia, the Kiwanis Club of Manila (Luzon), followed by the Kiwanis Club of Davao (Mindanao).

The Kiwanis Congress commenced with a Holy Mass at St. Joseph Parish, followed by a courtesy call with Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, which proved to be a highlight of the day. We also organized a service project at Brgy. Veterans Village and wrapped up the day with a delightful dinner-themed "Western Night" in honor of KI President Bert West.

Together We Stand As One

The opening ceremony, held in Filipiniana style mesmerized the attendees with a grand parade of colors with district leaders and visiting Kiwanis dignitaries. Convention delegates benefited from a series of enriching workshops. Adding to the festive atmosphere, the "Fashion Denim" dinner showcased the diverse talents within the Kiwanis community, creating a lively and entertaining ambiance

As I presented the Kiwanis ASPAC Virtual Office before the delegates, it was met with an outpouring of enthusiasm from Kiwanis members, highlighting our organization's dynamic leadership in the realm of technology.

During the General Business Session, Kiwanis International Board represented by KI President Bert West, General Counsel David Kress, and Trustee Toto Gonzales, ensured smooth proceedings. The accreditation process for voting delegates was meticulously conducted.

During the House of Delegates, several significant resolutions were successfully passed, including:

  1. Renaming the Philippine South District as Kiwanis Southern Philippine District.
  2. Adoption of a standardized form for District Bylaws.
  3. Election of three district officers:
    a). Governor Designate Evangeline Chan Chu (Visayas Region)
    b). Governor-Elect Jimmy Go (Mindanao Region)
    c). Vice Governor Danil Fernandez (Visayas Region)

It was concluded by surprising all the mothers present during the business session with balloons as a celebration of Mother's Day.

The success of the Kiwanis Congress owes itself to the unwavering dedication and perseverance of the Kiwanis members of the district. I am immensely proud to have received the esteemed Paragon Kiwanian Award, marking my involvement in this historic event.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Team 108, the District Leadership, for their exceptional achievement in crossing the finish line with resounding success. Let us embrace a fresh beginning and nurture the growth of Kiwanis in the South of the Philippines. May your journey be blessed, and may your faith guide you every step of the way.