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NEWS UPDATE: ASPAC Australia 2024

Kiwanis ASPAC Convention 2024

After a thorough discussion, the ASPAC Organizing Committee would like to inform the delegates of the ASPAC Australia Convention 2024 to apply for an Australian visa without requiring prior convention registration or payment.

Please be advised that registering and paying the registration fee before securing a confirmed visa approval may entail a partial refund, as any additional costs incurred in processing the refund will be deducted from the initial registration fee.

For members requiring the bank information for registration payment:

Westpac Banking Corporation
Branch Name: 1 King William Street Adelaide
Address:1 King William Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000
Account: 035000579753
Account Name - Convention Account

Kiwanis ASPAC will provide all Kiwanians with a letter of invitation for their visa application upon request to [email protected].

Please be guided accordingly.