Serving the Children of the World™
Glenda Hufano

Glenda Hufano

District Governor 2023-2024
Philippine Luzon District

Governor Glenda V. Hufano is a distinguished professional customs broker, holding a Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration. Known for her excellence in entrepreneurship and her role as a devoted civic leader, her life’s journey epitomizes the qualities of a dedicated and impactful individual.

In both business and civic engagement, she has earned acclaim as an exemplary figure. Her unwavering commitment to uplifting communities and supporting those in need have made her a source of inspiration for numerous individuals. Glenda’s association with Kiwanis International began when she joined the Kiwanis Club of Pasay in 2015. Her dedication to the organization was evident as she served as the President of KC Pasay for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018. She served Division 3A as Lieutenant Governor in 2019.

Furthermore, she demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities by assuming the role of District Treasurer Philippine Luzon in 2020-2021. Her remarkable contributions have resulted in numerous accolades and international recognition, solidifying her reputation as a dependable and visionary leader. Beyond her professional achievements, Glenda Hufano finds joy as a proud mother to four accomplished young professionals: Catherine Grace, Kristine May, Glenrick, and Krisjade. All of her children have graduated from esteemed institutions in Canada. Governor Glenda V. Hufano life’s journey truly embodies the essence of the Kiwanis motto: “Serving the Children of the World”; Her life’s work stands as an enduring source of inspiration, underscoring the transformative impact of dedication and compassion in creating a better world for the most vulnerable members of our global family.