Serving the Children of the World™

Mohan Lamsal

Growth Chair
Kiwanis Asia-Pacific

Mohan Lamsal of Nepal was nominated as the ASPAC Membership Growth Chair to serve the Kiwanis International Asia Pacific. He is serving as the ASPAC Membership Growth Chair for the Year 2022-23.

Mohan is a founding team member of Kiwanis Club in Nepal and one of the first Kiwanian in the country, and is an active member of the clubs like Kiwanis Club of Kathmandu, Kiwanis Club of Peace Nepal, Kiwanis Club of Likasi, Kiwanis Club of Eye of the Tiger – USA, Kiwanis Club of Helping Hands India. Mohan has been an active social worker and has been able to lead the Kiwanis clubs in Nepal to increase in a high speed. Mohan always had a vision of quality members in a high quantity of Clubs. The new joined members and clubs are highly inspired by Mohan to create new campaigns in Nepal and actively implement them so that the children in Nepal could take the benefit from it. He has been able to increase the number of clubs in Nepal as well as in India. Mohan has opened 42 clubs in Nepal and 9 instant clubs in India, the first club in Bangladesh under his initiation. Providing counselling and suggestions for the newly formed Kiwanis Clubs in India, Mohan is focused to increase more clubs and members in several states of India and in the other countries of Asia, with the current objective in Bhutan and Sri Lanka with their first Kiwanis Club.

As an active social worker, Mohan has been involved in volunteering and social activities since 1987. And now is a proud, enthusiastic and encouraged Kiwanian to actively contribute and serve children. Ever since being a Kiwanian, he had a vision of growth for

the organization in his country and introduced the organization to several active and efficient social workers. His aim has always been to grow Kiwanis in his country of Nepal and Indian subcontinents. He has been putting his effort and working to expand the membership and active clubs in many Asian countries where Kiwanis clubs are not founded yet, but the children are in need.

Mohan was born in West Nepal, the District of Dang, where many locals are now Kiwanians. Mohan moved to Kathmandu with a hunger of career growth after his intermediate education, started working in the tourism industry in Nepal and established his own travel agency in 1998. Mohan got married in 1996 to Mrs. Shila Lamsal, also an active Kiwanian who has actively supported him in his tourism business as well as in social and volunteering organizations. He has two sons — Simon Lamsal, 24 years old – currently pursuing a master’s degree and Samson Lamsal, 13-year-old in the eighth grade.

After the 2015 massive earthquake in Nepal, Mohan constructed 4 Schools with the help of his international travel partners from different parts of the world and did the construction in the village of Taruka, Nuwakot District of Nepal, a rural village where education was on a thin line that was broken due to the earthquake. Similarly, Mohan built a Health post which is providing a free health service in the village and also a water supply project that is providing drinking water in the village for over a 100 households.

As an active social worker, Mohan being the Governor of the Kiwanis Nepal District, initiated the campaign in the COVID Pandemic to distribute supplies like food, shelter, cloths and other basic needs to over 20 orphanages in Nepal. Putting himself and his family in risk, he went on distributing the supplies and supported several children organizations where he met differently able children and conducted a project to supply more than basics as required like diapers, clothes, washing machine, eye glasses for better vision, bags, stationery etc.

Mohan states he gets satisfaction and happiness to help the children in need and he is continuously engaged in the projects and encourages every individual he meets as this satisfaction never gets enough. This gave him a genuine reason and self-motivation within himself to do the best he could as a Kiwanian.