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Shuji Miyazaki

Shuji Miyazaki

District Governor 2023-2024
Japan District

Shuji Miyazaki has been elected as the Governor for the Japan District for the term 2023-2024. His appointment was made official during the general assembly meeting of the district convention, which convened on September 8, 2023.

He was born in Tokyo in September 1953, and a substantial part of his life has been dedicated to Tokyo, albeit with notable periods of studying and working abroad. His international experiences encompass stints in the United States, Singapore, the APEC region, and Europe. He possesses an impressive academic background, holding a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University, coupled with a Bachelor of Political Science from Waseda University.

Shuji’s journey with Kiwanis began in 2010 when he joined the Kiwanis Club of Nagoya. Over the years, he has assumed pivotal roles within the organization, notably serving as the Club President and later as the Lt. Governor of Division 2 during the 2018-2019 term. Since 2021, he has further expanded his engagement as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Tokyo.

His dedication and contributions to Kiwanis have earned him prestigious accolades, including the titles of Dr. Wil Blechman Fellow and George F. Hixson Fellow at the distinguished diamond level.

Beyond his active role in Kiwanis, Mr. Miyazaki extends his expertise and guidance to external organizations. He serves as an advisor to the Association for Technological Excellence Promoting Innovative Advances (TEPIA), holds the position of Councilor at the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, and also holds a faculty position at the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University.

In his personal life, Shuji and his wife, Sachiyo, are proud parents of two sons. His multifaceted experiences, dedication, and extensive knowledge position him well for his role as Governor, where he will undoubtedly continue to lead and shape the Japan District’s future endeavors.