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Building Dreams: Kiwanis Pakistan’s Mission to Educate Brickmakers’ Children

The Kiwanis Club of Pakistan has conducted community service to the villages of Warra and Mandiyawal in Lahore by addressing basic needs such as meals and clothing. Focusing on the brickmakers' community, where 200 indigents reside deeply entrenched in the brick-making trade for seven generations. Unfortunately, due to the lack of educational opportunities, the children have been following in their parents' footsteps instead of pursuing formal education.

Recognizing this cycle of illiteracy, the club has set a crucial objective: to raise funds for the construction of a classroom for the children of brickmakers in Warra, aiming to break the chain of limited educational opportunities within the community. This initiative embodies the club's commitment to creating lasting positive change and fostering education where it is needed the most.

As stated by Charter President Johnson Peter, "The Kiwanis Club of Pakistan is determined to make a difference in the lives of brickmakers transforming their village and offering a chance for a better opportunity to grow".