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Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia!


Dear Fellow Kiwanians,

Today, as we stand united in celebration of Malaysia's Hari Merdeka, we are reminded of the profound significance of independence and freedom. Just as "Merdeka" signifies liberation, our commitment to Kiwanis' mission echoes the empowerment we strive to bring to the lives we touch.

In the heart of the Kiwanis Malaysia District, we witness a testament to the power of service and unity. The symbolism of "Merdeka" as a freed soul finds resonance in the work we do, as we serve to uplift children and communities from challenges and limitations. Through education, healthcare, and community engagement, we breathe life into the spirit of Hari Merdeka.

Let us remember that true liberation comes from creating opportunities, fostering growth, and embracing the values that define us as Kiwanians. Through our actions, we can bring about the kind of change that embodies the spirit of Hari Merdeka.

As Kiwanians, we understand that true freedom is not merely the absence of constraints, but the presence of opportunities for growth and transformation.

Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

Yours in Kiwanis,

ASPAC Chair Belle Garcia
Kiwanis International
Asia-Pacific Region