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Heartwarming Gift: School Supplies Bring Joy to Remote Villages

As the Kiwanis clubs traversed the picturesque landscapes of Nepal, the essence of giving came alive during this festive season.

Embracing the ethos of the season, nineteen (19) Kiwanis clubs in Kiwanis Nepal District organized a collaborative effort to provide much-needed school supplies in bulk to students in schools located in remote villages; Shri Janakalyan Primary School in Molung Rural Municipality and Shri Jese Secondary School in Patle.

Donned in their distinctive Kiwanis blue jerseys, backpacks, and bonnets they received earlier, the children eagerly awaited the arrival of Kiwanis members, who were greeted with genuine hospitality from the welcoming community. The program was organized by the team of the Kiwanis Club of Kathmandu Sunshine.

Witnessing the radiant smiles on the faces of these children, all the planning and the travel-related challenges undertaken by Kiwanis members became a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor.