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KC Kathmandu Heritage brings Christmas joy to the children in Tatopani, Nepal

Highlighting the commitment to community welfare during the festive season, the Kiwanis Club of Kathmandu Heritage in the Kiwanis Nepal District, generously donated tracksuits, warm caps, and sports accessories to Kodari High School Bhotkoshi located in Tatopani, Nepal-China Border.

In the spirit of Christmas, the donation & gift giving activity took place with the presence of Kiwanis Nepal District Governor Tirtha Kumar Singh and his team, bringing hope and comfort to the hearts of others.

Tatopani, nestled in Nepal's Bagmati province, holds historical significance as a key trading post between Nepal and China, where people converse in both Nepali and Tibetan languages. This village, with its diverse ethnicities like Sherpa and Tamang, serves as a vital commerce hub, fostering cultural exchange and harmonious coexistence.