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Kiwanis International Convention Elects New Leadership and Approves Bylaws Updates 

"Kiwanis International Convention Elects New Leadership and Approves Bylaws Updates".

Katrina J. Baranko from Albany, Georgia, U.S., has been elected as the 2023-24 President of Kiwanis International during the recent Kiwanis International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lee Kuan Yong from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, has been chosen as the President-Elect. Their terms will commence on October 1, 2023. Michael Mulhaul from Interlaken, New Jersey, U.S., has been elected as the Vice President of the organization.

Furthermore, several Kiwanis leaders have been elected as trustees for different regions, including Dennis Baugh, Matthew Cantrall, Cathy Tutty from the United States and Pacific Canada Region, Chang-Ching Hsu from Tainan City, Taiwan elected during ASPAC Convention in Malaysia representing the Asia-Pacific Region, and Mohan Lamsal from Kathmandu, Nepal as an at-large trustee.

At the Kiwanis International Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates voted on proposed amendments to the Kiwanis International Bylaws. The delegates rejected a proposal to increase members' annual dues, which aimed to address a growing deficit.

However, they did approve the modernization of the bylaws. This decision reflects the organization's commitment to periodically reviewing and adjusting its governing documents. It has been three decades since the Kiwanis International Bylaws underwent a thorough review. A special global committee conducted a thorough two-year review and presented their recommended changes as a revision.