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Kiwanis Nepal District’s Noteworthy Milestones

The Kiwanis Nepal District, in its youthful dynamism, has achieved commendable milestones. A noteworthy feat is their consecutive four-year recognition as a Distinguished District by Kiwanis International and their exceptional representation at the international with two elected positions; ASPAC Chair Sujan K Shrestha and KI Trustee Mohan Lamsal.

This year's 5th Kiwanis Nepal District Convention stands as a testament to their journey, held at the birthplace of Buddha, Bhairahawa, Rupandejhi, Lumbini on August 25-26,2023. The convention was graced by ASPAC Chair Belle Garcia and presided over by District Governor Laxman Lamsal with an impressive assembly of over 432 registered delegates.

The outcome of the convention has brought forth notable personalities who will lead the District forward. It is with great anticipation that we acknowledge Governor Designate Tirtha Kumar Singh, Governor-Elect Krishna Prasad Jnawali, and Vice Governor Dr. Ram Sharan Thapaliya.

The validation of voting delegates and the subsequent electoral process within the Nepal District stand as a matter of significance, mirroring the gravity upheld in other districts. The adept management of this District is assuredly in proficient hands.

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