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Kiwanis Sabah: Sompoton’s Melodic Tradition

Celebrating the holiday season with a touch of tradition, the Kiwanis Club of Sabah in the Kiwanis Malaysia District showcases the sompoton's enchanting melodies in a Christmas carol video, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship and cultural significance of this remarkable instrument.

Preserving cultural heritage, the Kiwanis Club of Sabah is committed to safeguarding the sompoton; discovered in Sabah, Malaysia stands as a unique mouth organ instrument. Despite its perceived complexity, it has gained popularity as the most favored solo instrument in the region.

Crafted from a combination of bamboo tubes and a gourd, specifically found on the island of Sabah, the sompoton's distinctive design includes bamboo tubes connected with beeswax inside a hollowed gourd, serving as the instrument's wind chest.