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New Zealand South Pacific

Noël pour Tous: Kiwanis Joyful Giving

On a heartwarming afternoon, Kiwanis Les Mains Du Pacifique in Kiwanis New Zealand South Pacific District, along with volunteers and partners, successfully organized the "Noël pour Tous" event at Squat Coca Cocal. The primary focus was to bring happiness to children and families in need.

Through generous donations from volunteers, club members, and various partners, the event provided meals, Christmas hampers, and gifts for both children and parents. The collaborative effort extended beyond the club, involving residents and the support of a pastor to identify and gather families in need.

This joyful and simple gathering during the holiday season, highlighted the importance of community connection. As Christmas Day approaches, Kiwanis Les Mains Du Pacifique extends warm wishes for a joyful holiday season to the Kiwanis Family.