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Sewing Empowerment: Kiwanis Initiative in Vanuatu

The Kiwanis Thread Across The Pacific initiative by Kiwanis New Zealand and South Pacific (NZSP) District with support from Kiwanis Club of Vanuatu and Kiwanis Club of Port Vila, has initiated a sewing workshop in Port Villa, Vanuatu to empower women with disabilities. This transformative program, running since 2015, aims to empower not only women with disabilities but also other women in the island involved in small businesses. The week-long session is strategically crafted to impart valuable skills, promoting independence and sustainability among the participants.

As this sewing class unfolds, it stands as a testament to Kiwanis' commitment to inclusivity and skill development. By uniting women with disabilities and those engaged in small businesses, the program not only imparts practical skills but also nurtures a sense of community and shared empowerment. Kiwanis clubs' support extends beyond conventional boundaries, embracing diversity and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the communities they serves.