Serving the Children of the World™

Trees, those towering sentinels of life, play a pivotal role in shaping the future

On this Kiwanis One Day, as we plant 1,000 trees per district alongside the children of our communities, we sow the seeds of a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. We are embarking on a journey that transcends boundaries, a journey that bears the promise of a brighter, more verdant world.

Kiwanis One Day, a day when Kiwanians in the Asia-Pacific region unite in the spirit of service, offers the ideal backdrop for the launching of Kiwanis ASPAC's GREEN GENERATION campaign. A convergence of compassion and community spirit emphasizes that we are stronger together, and our collective efforts can foster lasting change.

Planting 1,000 trees in each district in one day is a commitment that speaks volumes. It represents the ambitious goal of nurturing our environment, fostering biodiversity, and combating climate change. The involvement of children adds an extra layer of significance, for it instills within them the values of environmental responsibility from a young age.

This campaign marks the commencement of a journey—a journey to cultivate a Green Generation, one that appreciates the Earth's gifts and is devoted to preserving them for their own children and beyond.

We extend an invitation to all, near and far, to join us to propagate the lungs of the planet.